FastSurvey is an online platform designed by AxisPharma S.L. where pharmaceutical & biotech companies can access in order to design their surveys. You will be able to ask few questions to a selected target, saving time and obtaining quality responses. Asking the right question, gives you the right answer. 

With FastSurvey you will have access to Axis Pharma database of healthcare professionals, expertise and knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry,  At Axis Pharma we have more than 15 years of experience performing market research interviews, and we will guarantee the quality of the information collected.

Happy Doctor

Fast Survey is:


  • Flexible platform to directly request your own design

  • Easy workflow adapted to your needs

  • Select a small target of healthcare professionals, and ask them your selected questions

Obtain the right answer in short time

Design Sketch Desktop


You select and design:

nº questions.

nº professionals

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We launch your FastSurvey:

Quick & Targeted

Analyzing Graphs


You get the answer that you need

Access FastSurvey by Signing Up in the Log in button in the top right corner of our webpage.

If you have any question related to FastSurvey, any other of our services or any suggestion, please contact us.